Set in a converted 18th Century Victorian Slaughterhouse we run a fully functioning workshop which house our vast collection of patterns that have been expertly designed and cared for by our skilled local workers.


Contained within the walls of the workshop are a collection of vintage sewing machines and assorted vintage tools such as shears.

We also have in house dyeing and printing facilities where we can often be found experimenting with indigo and other mediums.

We are proud of our unique facilities which we feel allow for the design and creation of garments truly special and British. We welcome visitors who wish to gain insight into a working fashion environment.


Opened on the 13 December 2011 we are proud to house our current collection within our recently renovated showroom space.

 Antique doors and fitting all in keeping with the tradition of the building and clothes, we feel we have created something truly special that has to be seen first hand.

 Sit back and relax in one of our many antique chairs and talk to a member of our team as they guide you through the collection discussing and advising on fit, fabric and styles.


In the center of Town stood among a handful of houses down a quiet road an old Victorian Slaughterhouse rests in a state of dilapidation .

In 2004 we were offered the chance of purchase this enchanted old ruin and course we could not refuse . After 18 months of meticulous restoration – each brick

scrubbed and re-set each board freshly painted ( not forgetting a socket or two for tea making purposes )  We were able to call it home .

Six months latter Workhouse was born .