It is important to make each garment feel English,
this authenticity and essence can only be achieved by making
the garments here in England.

Drawn to images of the Victorian street, we became particularly interested in unposed photographs of street traders and musicians.

Whether a distinctive jacket, or a favorite hat, the garments and images where hand made, made to last – and often made for someone else.

Deadstock Cloth


English Mills

At the heart of a Workhouse garment is the sourcing of its materials, we look for stock that has its own story, worthy of the inspiration behind the design. With our dealings in deadstock cloth and our work with English mills that traditionally looms our wool, Workhose evokes authenticity that bridges the traditional and the contemporary.

Artisan Makers

Hackney London

At the root of a Workhouse garment is the time taken to master its fit.

Trained at Huntsman on Savile Row, our pattern cutter comes to the studio; we relish this process, exploring which methods work for a particular design, how best to combine tradtional methods and new.