A collection of artistic works that have simular form or subject, often those considered to be the best.

Where do you seek inspiration from for your designs? 

Inspiration can really come from anywhere, as long as there is a story to tell and a culture to explore – it all began with the ragged clothes of Victorian Londoners. Garments worn in tatters, shaped by their lives and the way they lived. Exploring people this way can lead to so many different places, from impressionist painters in the 1800’s to petty criminals of the 20’s.

Your designs both reflect a time long gone and seem deeply contemporary? 

It’s important for us to do our research when we explore historical fashions – to tell as much of the story as possible behind the garments and hope that it comes through in the collection. But research only takes you so far before you have to think right, where does this design go next, how do we make it exciting – and that’s when the creativity comes in. It brings the garments into the now, otherwise you just imitate the source material.


Garments for life came from six months of being interviewed about what Workhouse designs and why. We found we were designing Garments that were made to last in design.

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