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The removation of the Workhouse workshop in Bury St.Edmunds

In the center of Town stood among a handful of houses down a quiet road an old Victorian Slaughterhouse rests in a state of dilapidation .

In 2004 we were offered the chance of purchase this enchanted old ruin and course we could not refuse . After 18 months of meticulous restoration - each brick

scrubbed and re-set each board freshly painted ( not forgetting a socket or two for tea making purposes )  We were able to call it home .


Six months latter Workhouse was born .


Festivals +

Two or three times a year, when the weather is good and the beer is better, we close the doors on the old slaughterhouse and take workhouse on the road. The festival season is a wonderful time to present the collection in a unique and vibrant setting. We invite you to enter our 1940's British military mess tent. A mighty canvas structure held up miraculously with bits of wood and metal all tied together with large serpentine ropes. You will find Each unique piece hung side by side on industrial rails, woollen goods piled into wooden crates stacked on vintage work benches. Antique lamps and humming bulbs illuminating the space in a most magical way. We ourselves are always on hand, often eating home cooked food from mess tins or making last minute alterations, always happy to share our work and tell our story.


Please contact us to find out where you can find us this summer .


Artisans +

As a small company we get to work closely with a team of tailored artisanal craftsmen each as passionate to make outstanding garments that

last .


Our signature bowler is made in Luton , our woollen caps from Lancashire . Our tailors are Savile Row savvy !


Most of all our garments are lovingly MADE IN ENGLAND


Our makers work for established brands such as Vivienne Westwood , Paul Smith and Comme des Garcon but they see the love and passion we have


and support our dream and our destiny .


Deadstock +

At the heart of any Workhouse Garment is our dealing in deadstock cloth . We look for cloth with authenticity with its own story , worthy of the inspiration behind the design .It’s all about building character, often embracing imperfection rather than perfection to give unique and genuine charm to what we make.




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