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Working alongside the craftsmen who helped us restore our Victorian workshop, Workhouse was born out of a renewed appreciation for the hidden beauty in old things. Drawn to images of the Victorian street, we became particularly interested in unposed photographs of street traders and musicians. Whether a distinctive jacket, or a favorite hat, the garments and images where hand made, made to last - and often made for someone else. Formal worn informally, old with new, contrasting fabrics and textures - all with a certain swagger. We wanted to craft garments that captured this.


Specialising in sartorial tailoring using British cloth, we have been making clothes for over twenty years. At the root of a Workhouse garment is the time and expertise that has been taken to master its fit. Trained at Huntsman on Savile Row, our pattern cutter come to the studio; we relish this process, exploring which methods work for a particular design, how best to combine traditional methods and new.


Workhouse prizes sustainability and building local supply chains that sit outside the traditional model. More than just a business, we strive to forge relationships with the like minded individuals, and believe that such commitments are what make our garments unique.


Visitors to our studio in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk are very welcome.


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EST. 1989

Trading as Hackney Union Workhouse in Japan





Since I met you first time two and half years ago, I loved your own shyness but backed up with your own strong confidence when talking about your design concept which reminds of me industrial workers in old good time in 1950’s to 60’s. Hackney Union Workhouse collections are really stunning with particular cloth which are rare today and styling are just comfortably cool. I believe in your talent and future and should like to share our destinies for many years to come.


Sam Sugure

-  President, OUTER LIMITS CO. -



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